Vue Js, as good as it gets by Rafael Torres

Have you ever heard of an alternative, simple, easy and fast to build wonderful reactive web applications?

Today I would like to tell you about Vue JS, a web framework that allows you to build graphical interfaces using Javascript. In this post I will explain what Vue is and why it has become one of the most recommended alternatives to build web applications today.

Let´s start

Vue is an open source framework that allows to build user interfaces in an agile and simple way, focusing only on the UI. It is characterized by using an abstraction of the MVVM design pattern that means Model View – View Model. Of this mentioned pattern, Vue only uses the VM (View Model) layer, where the “V” is the bone data representation layer, the view and “M” represents the business model layer, being an event-driven development.Vue abstracts the best of Angular and React JS, mixing the powerful features and some of the great functionalities that these two big Frameworks have, like for example the data Binding of angular or the virtual DOM of react, among others.Vue is based on the philosophy of development by components, which serves to create powerful pieces in a view or an interface and you can also integrate it with any other programming language or Framework such as Ruby, Laravel, Sprint, among others.

Why is Vue so popular?

In a very simple way Vue is very powerful, has what it takes to start a small piece or application and scale it in a very simple and robust way. The most striking thing is that its learning curve is easy and does not require very advanced knowledge in programming or What’s up Cafeto13By: Rafael Torres Let’s start…Why is Vue so popular?ArticlesWhat’s up Cafeto14web design to use it, because it allows you to create dynamic interfaces with events that give it a great interactivity.Vue also has a large library of modules that optimize and simplify the work, such as using Vue Router to control navigation and routes, Vuex to control states, etc.. if you mix all will have a rich ecosystem that will raise the potential of your projects or parts built with Vue.


  • A smooth and uncomplicated learning process and curve.
  • A rich ecosystem that allows to speed up the development processes in a very simple way.
  • It has a CLI called Vue CLI, which facilitates the work through a command line (similar to Angular).
  • It is the best of Angular and React JS, together in one framework.
  • It is very light and has one of the best performance in terms of frameworks today.
  • It can be coupled in a very simple way to an existing project and does not generate alterations in the architecture of the project. Being very popular for the process of updating classic web developments.
  • It has some very good plugins and development tools which makes the development processes easier to manage and implement.
  • It can be used as a library through a CDN or it can be used as a Framework with a previous ecosystem configured through its CLI.

A little bit of its history

It was created by Evan You, a former Google engineer, who worked on the core of the Angular project until 2016, when he decided to leave google and devote himself completely to the project he had published in 2014 as a personal library, bringing out the best in angular and turning it into a bookstore, in order to make the work easier for the developers.Vue doesn’t have the support of a great organization like Google or Facebook that supports Angular and React respectively, but it is supported by a great community that is constantly growing and this makes it position itself as one of the most popular web Frameworks today in the market, as it is manipulated by developers for developers.

In conclusion

To close this post, I want to say that today Vue is found in many developments of important companies worldwide such as Alibaba, Nintendo, Dell, xiaomi among others. By the way, today it is considered by developers as one of the most desirable tools to learn and explore in the world of web development. It only I can only suggest you keep in mind Vue as an alternative for future developments, since this Framework gets to potentiate your arsenal of tools to build great web applications in an agile and simple way.