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09 Oct

Software Development Outsourcing vs. In-House Development.

According to a survey conducted at the end of 2020 by The Boston Group, 96% of companies examined will…

28 Jul

FAQ Cafeto Careers

1. Why Cafeto Software?  We are Creators:   We go one step ahead allows us to adapt to the goals of…

28 Jul

Best IT Careers in 2021: Which are the Most Competitive?

Trying to determine your ideal IT career path? It is clear to everyone that the technology industry is booming. That’s…

22 Jul

Big Companies You Didn't Know Use Python in 2021

Why do tech giants rely heavily on Python for critical infrastructure?   Let’s start by saying that more than 500 languages…

Software Test Automation: 5 things you should know

By Maria Montes

These days, with the acceleration that the business world moves at, the software industry has had to overhaul some of its methods. Entering a stage wh…

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Scrum, a practical way of producing software that your company needs

By Maria Montes

Source: Cepymenews Already years ago now, in the technological team industry, arose a framework to tackle the speed with which software products must…

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