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18 Feb

[Press Release] Cafeto Software announces its new partnership with Optimizely (formerly Episerver) - the Swedish-born Digital Experience Platform titan - to support its operation with skilled developers in Colombia.

Episerver, now Optimizely, partners with Cafeto Software to recruit talent in Colombia.  Multiple vacancies have opened up for multiple Developer profiles.  This comes as a win…

16 Dec

Cafeto Women in Tech: "Be human, compassionate, treat others well above all. This will be the real mark you leave on the world", Catalina Tobón.

In this edition of “Women in Tech Wednesdays”, we’ll talk to Catalina Tobón, our Sales and Marketing Director. Women…

09 Oct

Women in Tech Wednesdays: closing the gap one day at a time

We are all aware by now that the world faces several challenges towards making a more sustainable planet, and as…

How to choose a software development methodology?

By Maria Montes

Nowadays, most companies must use ICT in the development and expansion of their business. That’s why currently, it’s difficult to imagine a comp…

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5 things you should know about Test Automation

By Maria Montes

These days, with the speed and the acceleration that the business world moves at, the software industry has had to overhaul some of its methods, enter…

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Scrum, a practical way of producing software that your company needs

By Maria Montes

Already years ago now, in the technological team industry, arose a framework to tackle the speed with which software products must be released (especi…

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