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09 Oct

Software Development Outsourcing vs. In-House Development.

According to a survey conducted at the end of 2020 by The Boston Group, 96% of companies examined will…

15 Oct

Active Breaks: Importance and how to actually do them

The measures taken in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic made many people turn their homes into their workplaces…

14 Oct

Cafeto’s partnership with LinkedIn takes recruitment to the next level.

Cafeto is a Colombian software development company whose mission is to provide a value-added service that gives clients a growth advantage while promoting the integral development…

12 Aug

Before Python, these were the languages used for AI

Today, learning artificial intelligence has almost become synonymous with learning to program in Python. This programming language created by Guido…

Latin America: Shaping a New Educational Future

By Natalia Ramirez

What is happening with the education in Latin America? How to train a new generation of young professionales? Is Colombia closing the talent gap in the tech industry?

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Python Vs. JavaScript: Pros, Cons, and Projection - 2021

By Alejandra Sandoval

Hi everyone!    Today we want to talk about two on-demand languages for both developers and companies around the world, Python and JavaScript. How to…

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How to outsource Marketing Operations?

By Natalia Ramirez

Reduce gaps, allow control and ensure order with a digital marketing strategy supported by your Software Development partner.

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Cafeto: On our Road to Becoming a Leading IT Employer

By Alejandra Sandoval

COVID-19 sparked a significant shift toward remote work and emphasized the need to consider the psychological needs of the team when dealing with unce…

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IT Staff Augmentation Market 2021

By Natalia Ramirez

Did you know that the IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Market revenue reached 2018 US$ 262.53 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 6.5% from 2019 to 2027? When staffing is what you have in mind to outsource, Latin America can be your ideal market.

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