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06 May

Advantages of the Build, Operate, Transfer model.

Advantages of the Build, Operate, Transfer model You might not be aware but, Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) is a…

05 May

7 Reasons Why You'll Love Working at Cafeto

Hi there! We want to share with you some cool reasons why we think you will love working at Cafeto!…

30 Apr

Nearshoring IT Staff Augmentation services: Everything you have to know

What is Staff Augmentation? What is IT Staff Augmentation? Why are US companies choosing to nearshore their IT staffing needs?…

Software Test Automation: 5 things you should know

By Maria Montes

These days, with the acceleration that the business world moves at, the software industry has had to overhaul some of its methods. Entering a stage wh…

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Scrum, a practical way of producing software that your company needs

By Maria Montes

Already years ago now, in the technological team industry, arose a framework to tackle the speed with which software products must be released (especi…

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