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09 Oct

Software Development Outsourcing vs. In-House Development.

According to a survey conducted at the end of 2020 by The Boston Group, 96% of companies examined will…

12 Aug

Before Python, these were the languages used for AI

Today, learning artificial intelligence has almost become synonymous with learning to program in Python. This programming language created by Guido…

09 Aug

Three opportunities for tech innovation in healthcare.

The Healthcare industry is going through a transformation, COVID-19 is the main reason why these opportunities for tech innovation are…

05 Aug

How to be a Leader in a Horizontal Tech Company?

All entrepreneurs and executives have different experiences and perspectives on the approach and qualities necessary for effective leadership. And not…

7 Reasons Why You'll Love Working at Cafeto

By Alejandra Sandoval

Hi there! We want to share with you some cool reasons why we think you will love working at Cafeto! It may sound cliché, but we believe our co-workers…

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Nearshoring IT Staff Augmentation services: Everything you have to know

By Natalia Ramirez

What is Staff Augmentation? What is IT Staff Augmentation? Why are US companies choosing to nearshore their IT staffing needs? If you´re wondering wha…

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Colombia commits to digital security.

By Natalia Ramirez

Colombia commits to digital security with a new resolution (500 of 2021) issued by the ITC Ministry, establishes the guidelines and standards to imple…

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BOT: access new talent pools for your tech company.

By Natalia Ramirez

The Build, Operate, Transfer model (BOT) is becoming more popular in the Tech industry. Scaling up teams, tapping into new talent pools, reducing risk…

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Outsourcing Software Development for Startups: Benefits

By Natalia Ramirez

Software has become the new oil of the world, we can find it everywhere in our lives. From Ecards, printers, computers, cellphones to vehicles. Howeve…

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