• Turning your idea into specific requirements
  • Creating a plan
  • Developing your software solution
  • Maintenance and training after the launch

Turning your idea into specific requirements

To come to full understanding of what you are willing to achieve with the solution, we´re start by getting deep into your idea.

At this first phase it is crucial for us to understand: What problem do you want to solve with the solution? What drives your customers? What makes you different from your competitors? What are your concerns regarding the new solution?

The answers to these questions allow us to make suggestions on the main requirements needed for the solution to solve the problem. We make sure that this is aligned with the future growth of your business operations.

Unsure if you’re headed in the right direction? We can help you define your strategy →

Creating a plan

After we have gathered the crucial information about your goals, users, concerns and market position, we’ll create a plan which includes:

  • A team of designers and developers tailored for your project
  • A project roadmap
  • A proposal of technical architecture to be used for the solution development

Developing your software solution

After the previous steps have been agreed upon, it is time to get to the real work – to build your solution.

We use the principles of agile software development, which means that we advocate evolutionary development, strive towards early delivery, make continuous improvements and are ready and flexible for changes during the process. And of course – we keep you engaged in every step.

Maintenance and training after the launch

Once we deliver the solution, we won´t close the door to you.

Our cooperation continues until we pass to you the skills and the knowledge necessary to maintain and enhance the solution for your future business growth.

It means that we do the training for your team members, provide you with the solution documentation, help you evaluate new hires, and do all other necessary steps to give you the foundations for working smoothly and on the long-term with the software.

If you feel more comfortable leaving the maintenance to us, we can be your support so you can continue focusing on growing your business.

Cafeto Team