How Outsourcing Technology Support and Development Can Keep Your Company on Track in a Reopening World by Luis Perez

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, companies around the world are slowly beginning to re-open. Apple recently announced over 100 retail stores are reopening and Google said some of its offices will open in July. Overall, as dozens of states move towards partial and full reopenings, there is a building sense around the country that people want to return to “normal”. 

However, this “normal” will not be easy to create. Bain & Company recently published a report in which they compared business leaders’ post-COVID-19 plans to the Marshall Plan for European recovery after World War II. They explained leaders must begin to “lay the foundation to retool for a different future.” Furthermore, publications like the Harvard Business School and Fast Company have expressed that business leaders will need to roll out various new initiatives: work from home protocols, revised supply chains, and a positive, yet distanced company culture. Clearly, leaders have a lot on their plates. 

Since the pandemic began, I have spoken to many of Cafeto’s clients about these new challenges. In my discussions, many leaders expressed feelings of stress due to loss of staff and expedited deadlines. However, they also expressed that the technology sector has not been as hard hit as others and, in some cases, demand has actually increased.

Our positivity in the midst of this difficult time has helped our clients achieve the same, if not better, productivity. We believe our unique nearshore location in Cali, Colombia permits us to ally ourselves closely with our clients due to our similar time zone, strong English language proficiency, and knowledge of US culture. Please contact us if you are interested in staying positive during this reopening and enhancing your company’s technology efforts.