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“Cafeto means coffee tree in Spanish. Why the name? When we moved to Colombia to start Cafeto software, it was fine Colombian coffee that fueled our team. Late night scrums, hectic sprints, and last minute deadlines, all things made possible with a cup of good ole fashioned coffee.
At first, none of us understood what goes into the perfect cup of coffee; you need the right temperature, the right refinement process, the right culture and the right TLC from people who care.

Software, like coffee, can weigh you down and make you crash, or if it is refined with the right process, with the right people, in the right place, and with the right tools, can inject a massively unfair advantage into your business. This respect for the delicate subtlety of growth is why we name our company after the coffee tree.

We started in a garage in Cali, Colombia, and we now have offices in Sydney, Houston, and Austin. We’re even growing our own coffee now! As we grow, we never strayed from our core belief that technology is only an advantage if it is done right

Visit us for a cup of coffee, straight from the cafeto coffee farm, and let’s discuss how we can build software that helps create and defend your unfair competitive advantage.”

“Cafeto was born with the idea of supporting companies in the conception and development of technology projects through a highly trained team. In the end, we have proven to be an invaluable ally for our clients”

Luis Pérez
Cafeto USA

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