With its subsidiary in Colombia, Baxter International Inc is a healthcare and medical equipment company that creates surgical, renal, nutritional, and hospital solutions for patients and healthcare professionals. Baxter uses its web application TOR (Tracking Order to Reconciliation), to trace its products' journey to the final customer. This tracking process mines sales data, acquires legal information, records events from logistics carriers, and outlines delivery processes to clients.

Learn how Baxter improved its platform performance and support reports by enhancing its data collection and optimizing large queries, making its system more reliable, interoperable, and secure.

The Challenge

Baxter needed to restructure the Backend of the platform to enhance its performance with a new role and permission model that would allow users to generate reports on all orders’ status and extend the current model to a multi-scheme one that included data from multiple countries. The restructuring needed to happen while maintaining the current Colombian data and allowing ETL processes to load information from Chile’s database.

The project also called for the optimization of large queries, redesign the UX/UI, and building core components and system architecture from scratch. After a comprehensive assessment of Baxter’s IT team, we realized they were working under a different software development methodology: SDLC.

We decided to work with Cafeto because of their teamwork, their seriousness with project deliverables, their kindness, and, most importantly, their ability to listen and understand the dynamics of the business.

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The Solution

We started by establishing a Dual-Track Scrum framework, consisting of a mix of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Lean UX, Scrum, Continuous Delivery, and Automated Testing to configure and deploy a system that allowed the collaboration of Baxter and Cafeto’s teams.

After having aligned the teams, we proceed to restructure “TOR” by adjusting the data source to a multi-scheme model, the Backend with its new role and permission model, functional adjustments, and large queries optimization. Most importantly, we retained the data and integrations from the previous platform through JDEdwards ERP, making sure to leave the road ready to add more countries to the new platform.

We changed the Frontend completely by redesigning and optimizing the UX / UI, and we deployed software architecture, development testing, and support services.

We also provided our management capabilities to increase their ability to deploy the new platform internally from a business point of view.

We would definitely recommend Cafeto for their commitment, the quality of their work, and the fact that they add quantifiable value to the final product.

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Cafeto & Baxter Today

Web Application Development

Currently, Cafeto is in the final stages of delivering the CIM Project (Goals and Accomplishments Information Center), which will build the web platform that will replace the current version, a desktop application for Windows.
The platform will support Baxter’s Center for Business Excellence (BCE) and manage Baxter’s annual and periodic sales force goals and metrics for Latin America and parts of Central America.
The project will require the development of more than 125 catalogs. These will allow the generation of high volume parameterized reports generated by concurrent users in busy days of operations, exporting reports to Excel documents, and monitoring/launching integration processes via ETL with the Data Warehouse and the JD Edwards ERP.

Deployed Services

Product Discovery
Mobile App Development
Web Development

We are proud to collaborate with Baxter today.