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CropSwap is a cross-platform mobile farmer-to-consumer app that, by introducing technology innovation to the agricultural supply chain, democratizes access to healthy and organic produce for communities. Consumers can either make a one-time purchase or acquire a weekly subscription to receive a produce box once a week. In-app features include order tracking and marketplace.

Learn how CropSwap took their business to the next level by optimizing their in-app services and strengthening the relationship with their end-users.

The Challenge

Since its launch in June 2020, CropSwap has experienced a tremendous reception and adaptation both from farmers and consumers.

Quickly they realized they needed to expand features and improve the in-app experience from the Backend and the Frontend to provide all the tools necessary to make the relationship between farmers and consumers the easiest, fastest, and more accurate possible.

Soon after, CropSwap approached us to provide a team of expert engineers and developers who would promptly help add features that would improve communications, payment methods, queries, and geolocalization.

Cafeto Quote

We decided to revamp CropSwap on all platforms in less than six months. Not only did they smoke our deadline but they were able to evolve and expand on the application tremendously.

Rob Reiner, co-founder and chief executive, CropSwap.
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The Solution

Our team of experts swiftly assisted CropSwap with numerous integrations such as a mapping platform service, in-app chat services, AI-powered search and discovery,   integration of a  single sign-on option through social media, and payment systems.

For starters, our team helped integrate the mapping platform Mapbox, which allows consumers to identify via geolocalization the nearest farmers in their area so they can reduce delivery times and carbon footprint.

Secondly, we integrated Sendbird API to facilitate in-app conversations and messaging between farmers and consumers, thus improving the order and delivery experience.

The third integration was Algolia, the AI-powered search system that allowed platform users to make queries in a simple and very low data-consuming way. This system optimizes the indexing of information, reducing the amount of information the system has to bring from the databases, reducing in a significant way the data usage, and preventing issues like negative scores on App Stores.

Finally, we helped with Stripe’s integration, an online payment processing system that powers in-app transactions. This feature allows farmers and users to make and receive payments within the app, consequently making it easier to acquire data from income and expense for further analysis.

Cafeto Quote

This is the most powerful development team I’ve ever worked with. They sat through weeks of meetings going back and forth understanding the mission.

Rob Reiner, co-founder and chief executive, CropSwap.

Cropswap & Cafeto Today

Farm-to-table is going beyond.

We keep developing in-app solutions for CropSwap to increase the possibilities for users and farmers within the platform. For instance, personalized experiences on both ends and provide further data for growers.

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We are proud to continue to serve Cropswap today.