CropSwap is a mobile farmer-to-consumer platform that, by introducing technology innovation to the agricultural supply chain, democratizes access to healthy and organic produce for communities. Consumers can either make a one-time purchase or acquire a weekly subscription to receive a produce box once a week. In-app features include order tracking and marketplace.

Learn how CropSwap took their business to the next level by optimizing their in-app services and strengthening the relationship with their end-users.

The Challenge

The existing app did not have an organized development process, which led to growth issues. The business depended on a single person and a faulty app, which was a worrying issue for investors. They wanted to provide a much better user experience.

They were looking to do this through a series of integrations such as a mapping platform service, in-app chat services, allow the integration of social network possibilities with a single sign-on option. In general terms, CropSwap needed to offer a superior sales-consumer-product experience within the same mobile app.

We decided to revamp CropSwap on all platforms in less than six months. Not only did they smoke our deadline but they were able to evolve and expand on the application tremendously.

Rob Reiner, co-founder and chief executive, CropSwap.

The Solution

Cafeto built and enhanced the development process and systems that now allow users to acquire organic agricultural products directly from local farmers. We implemented a mapping platform, in-app chat service, and the single-sign in option.

We integrated Mapbox as the mapping service within the app. This tool gives consumers an intuitive way of visualizing and finding the nearest producer that efficiently matches their criteria.

Our second integration was Sendbird chat, allowing consumers to connect directly to producers via text or call, therefore disrupting the supply chain status quo.

Our third integration of Auth0 SSO allows consumers to easily utilize their social media platforms to interact within the app using a single sign-on for multiple platforms, also enabling consumers to rate and comment on products.

This is the most powerful development team I’ve ever worked with. They sat through weeks of meetings going back and forth understanding the mission.

Rob Reiner, co-founder and chief executive, CropSwap.

Cropswap & Cafeto Today

Farm-to-table is going beyond.

We keep developing in-app solutions for CropSwap to increase the possibilities for users and farmers within the platform. For instance, personalized experiences on both ends and provide further data for growers.

Deployed Services

Website Development
Support and Operations
Product Discovery
Mobile App Development
Web Development

We are proud to continue to serve Cropswap today.