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PROS provides pricing and margin optimization software for customers to gain insight into their pricing strategies and generally improve their decision making and financial performance.

Learn how we helped PROS shift to modern commerce, and create a personalized, frictionless experience for PROS customers.

The Challenge

In 2011, PROS, a B2B public software company that provides price optimization, sales effectiveness, and revenue management SaaS solutions, experienced tremendous growth. However, PROS could not keep up with its rapid expansion and needed support for its IT team. PROS management sought a partner that could quickly deploy IT services, integrate seamlessly into the PROS core team, and, ultimately, give PROS additional firepower and agility.

We provided PROS with an in-depth report that analyzed the ROI potential of their partnership. After reviewing the report, PROS management decided to partner with us.

Cafeto Quote

“Without Cafeto, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish as much. They expanded our team tremendously.”

Jennifer - Manager, Product Development
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The Solution

We rapidly deployed over 30 highly-trained engineers. Our “SWAT” teams spanned across 10 different projects. We worked hand-in-hand with the PROS core team to develop quality, complex applications. Also, we transitioned PROS to the cloud, a move that gave PROS a lasting competitive advantage over its competitors. PROS quickly accelerated growth and reduced costs.

Cafeto Quote

“Essentially it’s a SWAT team to address any problem in our product immediately. They are proven to be able to handle complex and robust software development work."

John Wang, Sr. Manager

Cafeto & PROS Today

Going Above and Beyond with Continuous Innovation

As PROS continues to grow and innovate, we are prepared to scale up with them. We invest numerous resources in recruiting talented professionals and their professional development, so our team understands and implements modern technologies like DevOps, Cloud Services, and e-Commerce.

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Deployed Services

Professional Services​
Quality Assurance
Specialized Product Support
Graphic Design
Website Development
Marketing Operation
Back End Development
Staff Augmentation
Front End Development
24/7 Monitoring & Alerting​

We are proud to continue to serve PROS today!