Scrum, a practical way of producing software that your company needs

Already years ago now, in the technological team industry, arose a framework to tackle the speed with which software products

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Women in Tech Wednesdays: closing the gap one day at a time

We are all aware by now that the world faces several challenges towards making a more sustainable planet, and as

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How Outsourcing Technology Support and Development Can Keep Your Company on Track in a Reopening World by Luis Perez

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, companies around the world are slowly beginning to re-open. Apple recently announced

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Vue Js, as good as it gets by Rafael Torres

Have you ever heard of an alternative, simple, easy and fast to build wonderful reactive web applications? Today I would

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Mobile App

Step 1: Decide which operating system you want to build your mobile application for  The Gartner´s report of the worldwide smartphone sales to end users by operating system in Q1 2017 reveals that Android and

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You might actually be losing money on your outsourced software development team – Here’s why

When it comes to saving costs in business operations, outsourcing is often one of the welcomed solutions. The search for

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7 Key Steps to a Successfully Blended Workforce

How To Blend The Workforce To Bridge The Talent Gap? The term of “blended workforce” appears more and more frequently

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This Country Has Been Dominating in the Technology Space

A decade ago, the idea that this country would go from an economy based off of its notorious drug trading

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5 Reasons You Should Be Outsourcing Nearshore

So you have some extra projects that need to be done, and you want to focus on the growth of

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How much should you pay for an outsourced developer?

Many companies will choose outsourcing as a way of saving (even though saving money is not the only reason for

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